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Gary, 1847

Genera: Six genera are found in the shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific:
Genus Balanophyllia Balanophyllia carinata (1),
Genus Dendrophyllia Dendrophyllia ijimai (1) ,
Genus Duncanopsammia Duncanopsammia axifuga,
Genus Heteropsammia Heteropsammia cochlea (1)
Genus Tubastraea Tubastraea coccinea (1),
Genus Turbinaria Turbinaria frondens (1).

Description: Corals free living (Balanophyllia, Heteropsammia), or colonial, cup-shaped (Dendrophyllia, Duncanopsammia, Tubastrea), foliaceous (Turbinaria), or branched (Tubastrea).

Family Dendrophyllidae