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Milne Edwards and Haime, 1848

Trochocyathus burchae (1)

Type species: Turbinolia mitrata Goldfuss, 1827 (a fossil species).

Total number of species estimated: 28 (numerous fossil species also known).

Characteristics: Corals azooxanthellate, solitary, attached or free living. Coralla relative small, usually less than 3 cm in height, and conical in shape. Theca solid (septothecate) and usually ridged (costate). Inner and upper septal edges smooth; upper edges of larger septa usually exsert. Usually three crowns of pali present before all but last cycle of septa. Columella well developed, papillose.

Ecology: Unknown.

Range: Middle Jurassic to Recent: extant species cosmopolitan in tropical and temperate waters, except for eastern Pacific, at depths of 25-522 m. Ten species are known from the Indonesian region, but most occur in deep water (Cairns and Zibrowius, 1997).

Genus Trochocyathus