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Verrill, 1864

F. (P.) gravis (7)

Type species: Fungia (Pleuractis) paumotensis Stutchbury, 1833 (Opinion 1649, Bulletin Zoological Nomenclature 48: 256)

Total number of species estimated: 4

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate, monostomatous (with one mouth) or polystomatous (with additional mouths), free-living, oval to elongate. Maximum diameter 28 cm. Septal teeth granular or angular and covered by evenly distributed granulations or zigzag ridges. Septa may show tentacular lobes. Corallum wall perforate. Costae show blunt, granulated costal spines (Hoeksema, 1989). Colour may vary from oker to dark brown.

Ecology: Most common on reef slopes and upper reef bases.

Range: Indo- West Pacific.

Additional remarks: F. (P.) taiwanensis Hoeksema and Dai, 1991 has been observed at Ambon in 1996 (Hoeksema unpubl.), which is the first record from outside Taiwan, in the Indo-Malayan region. F. (P.) seychellensis Hoeksema, 1993 is known from the Seychelles and from Chagos in the Indian Ocean.

Key references: Hoeksema, 1989, 1993b; Hoeksema and Dai, 1991.

Subgenus Pleuractis