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Hoeksema and Best, 1984

Cantharellus jebbi (3)

Type species: Cantharellus noumeae Hoeksema and Best, 1984

Total number of species estimated: 1

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate, monostomatous (with one mouth), round, attached by stalk or encrusting. Maximum diameter 7 cm. Septal teeth and costal spines fine and granular. Corallum wall solid. Colour brown (zooxanthellae).

Ecology: On reef slopes, usually in slightly murky water.

Range: One species known from the Red Sea, one from New Caledonia and one from the Bismarck Sea (Papua New Guinea).

Additional remarks: The species recorded from the Bismarck Sea, C. jebbi Hoeksema, 1993, is encrusting and has been found at Madang and at New Britain (J.E. Maragos, unpublished illustration).

Key references: Hoeksema, 1989, 1993a.

Genus Cantharellus