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Gray, 1859

Genera: Ten genera are found in the shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific:
Genus Astrogorgia Astrogorgia (1) ,
Genus Bebryce,
Genus Echinogorgia Echinogorgia (1) ,
Genus Echinomuricea Echinomuricea (1) ,
Genus Euplexaura Euplexaura ,
Genus Menella Menella (1),
Genus Paracis,
Genus Paraplexaura,
Genus Villogorgia Villogorgia.

Description: Colonies with small polyps, fan-shaped or forming open fans. One genus (Astrogorgia) with a species lying on the sea bottom.

Note: The genera Bebryce, Paracis and Paraplexaura are uncommon in shallow water, for information see Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001.

Family Plexauridae