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Gray, 1862

Genera: Ten genera are found in the shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific:
Genus Capnella Capnella (1),
Genus Dendronephthya Dendronephthya (1),
Genus Lemnalia Lemnalia (1),
Genus Litophyton Litophyton,
Genus Nephthea Nephthea (1),
Genus Pacifiphyton,
Genus Paralemnalia Paralemnalia (1),
Genus Scleronephthya Scleronephthya (1),
Genus Stereonephthya Stereonephthya (1),
Genus Umbellulifera Umbellulifera (1).

Description: Colonies tree-like, sometimes encrusting with finger-like lobes (Paralemnalia).

Note: The genus Pacifiphyton has been reported from deeper water around Bali, for information see Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001.

Family Nephtheidae