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Lamouroux, 1812

Genera: Eight genera are found in the Shallow waters of the Indo-West pacific:
Genus Bellonella,
Genus Cladiella Cladiella (1),
Genus Eleutherobia Eleutherobia (1),
Genus Klyxum Klyxum (1),
Genus Lobophytum Lobophytum (1),
Genus Paraminabea Paraminabea (1) ,
Genus Rhytisma,
Genus Sarcophyton Sarcophyton (1),
Genus Sinularia Sinularia (1).

Description: Colonies fleshy, often massive, or carrot-like.

Note: Bellonella is only known from the Bellonella bank, Timor Sea. Rhytisma probably is widespread but uncommon. Both genera are not included here, for information about these genera see Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001.

Family Alcyoniidae