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Verrill, 1868

Muricella (2)

Type species: Muricella flexuosa (Verrill, 1865)

Total number of species estimated: 50

Description: Colonies forming fans with many anastomoses. Polyps dome shaped, contractile but not retractile. In older fans the twigs may grow out penpendicular to the fan. Main branches are flattened at right angle to the plane of the fan. Colour of colonies white with red tentacles, brown, red, etc. Sclerites of coenenchyme are spindles with densely crowded thick tubercles, and small capstans. Zooxanthellae absent.

Habitat: Reef slope.

Range: Tropical Indo-Pacific.

Remarks: Many species placed in this genus actually belong to the genus Astrogorgia.

Genus Muricella