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Lamouroux, 1812

Families: The order contains 28 families.
Family Acanthogorgiidae
Family Alcyoniidae
Family Anthothelidae
Family Briareidae
Family Clavulariidae
Family Coelogorgiidae
Family Ellisellidae
Family Gorgoniidae
Family Ifalukellidae
Family Isididae
Family Melithaeidae
Family Nephtheidae
Family Nidaliidae
Family Paralcyoniidae
Family Plexauridae
Family Subergorgiidae
Family Tubiporidae
Family Xeniidae

Description: Colonies of very diverse form, but never with peduncle as in the Pennatulacea. Skeleton when present composed of sclerites, with or without a more or less calcified scleroproteinous axial support.

Order Alcyonacea