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De Blainville, 1830

Type species: Siderastrea radians (Pallas, 1766)

Total number of species estimated: 1.

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate; encrusting to massive. Polyps (corallites) circa 5 mm in diameter, densely packed, polygonal, immersed, with columella consisting of 1-4 pinnules. Colour cream.

Ecology: no information available.

Range: Indo-West Pacific (eastward to Philippines) and Atlantic.

Additional remarks: A single record from the Philippines without locality data is the only one from the Indo-Malayan region (Veron and Hodgson, 1989). Septa are not fused in fan-like patterns like in Pseudosiderastrea and walls are thicker than in that genus (Veron, 1986). Corals resemble those of Coeloseris but have shallower calices with thicker walls.

Key references: Veron, 1986, 1993; Veron and Hodgson, 1989.

Genus Siderastrea