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Klunzinger, 1879

Echinophyllia echinata (1)

Type species: Echinophyllia aspera (Ellis and Solander, 1786)

Total number of species estimated: 4

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate; encrusting to foliaceous, fully covered by short spines. Polyps (corallites) conical and shaped like crowns or flat, with pointed paliform lobes, (Veron and Pichon, 1979). Colour cream, grey, green or brown.

Ecology: Most common on reef slopes.

Range: Indo-West Pacific.

Additional remarks: Can most easily be be confused with Oxypora, which has much thinner plates and smaller, less developed, secundary calices with fewer septa and no clear columella.

Key references: Veron and Pichon, 1979; Veron, 1986.

Genus Echinophyllia