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Markhaseva, 1986b

Short description:

Batheuchaeta antarctica is an aetideid calanoid copepod known after female (total length 4.30 mm). Species is recorded in vertical haul from 3700 m of antarctic part of the Indian Ocean.

Taxonomic description:

Female. Total length 4.30 mm. Cephalothorax 4.2 times longer than abdomen. Rostrum absent. Posterior Th5 corners with asymmetrical lobes, right lobe more prolonged than left (dorsal view), internal surfaces of both covered with minute spinules (dorsal view), spinules present also on external surfaces (lateral view), lobes small of smooth triangle shape. Genital segment symmetrical, genital field slightly asymmetrical. Ventral swelling smooth without projections (lateral view). Abdominal segments (except anal one) along posterior border supplied with rows of minute spinules. A1 24-segmented, exceeding body by 2-3 segments. Ri2 A2 with 15 setae. In proximal part of Md palp base - group of surface spinules. Mx1 second internal lobe with 4-5 setae, all other features of setation typical of the genus. Spinules at Ri P1 external lobe very small, arranged in rows parallel to distal border of lobe apically. Segmentation of P1-P2 typical of the genus, Re3 P3 and Ri and Re P4 broken, Ri P3 3-segmented. Row of minute spinules on Re2 P2 present only near base of external spine at Re2.

Male unknown.

Vertical distribution:

The species was found in total haul from 3700 m (Markhaseva, 1986b).

Geographical distribution:

Antarctic part of the Indian Ocean (Markhaseva, 1986b).

Type locality: 62°54'S 118°52'E (Markhaseva, 1986b).

Material examined:

1 female from sample 379. See examined samples module.

Type material: Holotype, female, 4.3 mm in total length, N 1/65569, R/V "Ob", 1st cruise, Sta.36, sample 136, 62°54'S 118°52'E, antarctic sector of the Indian Ocean. Is kept in the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.

Batheuchaeta antarctica