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Sars, 1907

Short description:

Chiridiella brachydactyla is an aetideid calanoid copepod known after female (3.50 mm in length) from the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Taxonomic description:

Female. (Description after Sars (1925) with modifications). Total length 3.50 mm. Cephalothorax about 4.6 times longer than abdomen. A1 24-segmented, reaching the end of genital segment. Mx2 with first and second endites of typical structure for Aetideidae, third with 2 setae only (short and long), on fourth claw-like spine (1 short and 1 long), fifth endite ending in short claw-like spine, distal part of Ri reduced to 3 setae. Mxp protopodite with 3 groups of setae: from proximal to distal 1, 2 and 3 setae. Ri1 Mxp with 3 setae, segment wide and only slightly (1.2 times) longer than protopodite. P1-P4 of the same structure as in Ch. macrodactyla.

Vertical distribution:

The species was found in total haul from 4800 m (Sars, 1925).

Geographical distribution:

Atlantic Ocean: the northern part (Sars, 1925).

Type locality: the Azore Islands (Sars, 1925).

Material examined:

Slides N 5114 and 5115 from collections of the Zoological Museum of Oslo University (Norway) were studied. Species is absent in the collections of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.

Chiridiella brachydactyla