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Brodsky, 1955

Short Description:

Batheuchaeta gurjanovae is an aetideid calanoid copepod known after both sexes (female 4.1-4.5 mm and male 3.90 mm in total length). Species inhabits abysso- and ultra-abyssal horizons of pelagic (6000-8000 m), recorded from the Kurile-Kamchatka, Aleutian and Izu-Bonin trenches.

Taxonomic Description:

Female. Total length 4.1-4.5 mm. Abdomen 3.3 times shorter than cephalothorax. Rostrum sometimes present as rudiment with small groove at apex, more often absent. At right posterior edge of Th5 there is group of hairs (lateral view). Lobes of Th5 posterior corners short, not visible dorsally, but well visible laterally and turned to ventral surface of body, reaching the middle of genital segment. Genital segment asymmetrical, on the right in anterior part there is small projection densely covered with hair-like setae; length of segment as long as 3 following segments together; ventral swelling small, of triangular shape (lateral view). Genital field symmetrical. A1 reaching the end of Abd3. Oral parts typical of the genus; Ri Mx1 with 14-15 setae. Ri P1 with group of spinules arranged on external lobe laterally. P2-P4 typical of the genus.

Male. Total length 3.90. Rostrum small, bifid at the apex. Presence of minute spinules arranged in row on Re1 P2 near the base of external spine is typical; group of spinules at Ri P1 arranged near external edge of external lobe apically.

Vertical distribution:

Mostly abyssopelagic species, more common in ultra-abyssal (6000-8000 m) (Markhaseva, 1986b), stenothermic and stenohaline species.

Geographical distribution:

Pacific Ocean: The Kurile-Kamchatka Trench (Brodsky, 1955; Markhaseva, 1981, 1986b), Aleutian and Izu-Bonin Trench area (Markhaseva, 1996).

Type locality: Kurile-Kamchatka Trench area (Brodsky, 1955).

Material examined:

52 females and 4 males from samples: 18, 19, 41, 42, 86, 99, 100, 102, 124, 128, 149, 150, 163, 177-179, 181, 197, 198, 202. See examined samples module.

Lectotype: male, N 1/40840; Pacific Ocean, 43°40'N 149°31'E; 30 June 1953; sta 2218, R/V "Vitjaz", 14 cruise; collector Vinogradov M.E. is kept in the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.

Batheuchaeta gurjanovae