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Bradford, 1971a

Short description:

Aetideus pseudarmatus is an aetideid calanoid copepod known after female (1.65-1.80 mm in total length). Species was found in the south Atlantic and Pacific in epipelagic and upper mesopelagic.

Taxonomic description:

Female. (Description after Bradford (1971a) with modification). Total length 1.65-1.80 mm. Rostral rami wide near the base. Rostral excavation 0.83-1.07 times as wide as deep. Points of Th5 posterior corners reaching posterior border of genital segment. Dorsal and ventral parts of spermatheca connected by narrow duct (looking laterally), its length at least 5 times more than width. A1 shorter than body. Oral parts and swimming legs identical to that of A. armatus.

Male unknown.

Remarks. The species is very similar to A. armatus but is distinguished by longer and narrower duct connecting dorsal and ventral parts of spermatheca, slightly shorter Th5 points and wider rostral rami bases.

Vertical distribution:

The species is recorded in hauls in epipelagial (0-50, 100-250 m) and upper mesopelagic (250-500 m) and in total hauls (Bradford, 1971a).

Geographical distribution:

The species found off South Africa and New Zealand, in the south-eastern Atlantic to 32°S and in the south-western Pacific to 39°S (Bradford, 1971a).

Type locality: 46°46'S 164°35'E (Bradford, 1971a).

Material examined:

Species is absent in the collections of Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg.

Aetideus pseudarmatus