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Casanova, 1986

Hooks: 10-13; anterior teeth: 4-7; posterior teeth: 5-6.
Maximum adult body length: 39 mm; tail: 30-42 %.
Body firm and opaque; transversal musculature on trunk and tail; head wide; hooks not serrated. Fin bridge absent; one pair of medium length lateral fins both on trunk and tail; lateral fins fully rayed, rounded. Collarette absent; gut diverticula absent; eyes absent. Seminal vesicles conical; position of seminal vesicles: separated from posterior fins and tail fin. Ovaries short; ova fairly small. Adhesive papillae and adhesive organs absent. Vestibular organs present, two ridges with short papillae; apical gland cell complex present; neck canals present.

Distribution: bathypelagic.

Remarks: 9 specimens at about 4000 m in the Eastern North Atlantic.

Type locality: 20°N, 21°W.

Heterokrohnia murina