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Orange lumpy encrusting sponge
Scopalina ruetzleri
(Wiedenmayer, 1977)

The sponge is massive, semi-encrusting, occasionally lobata. The surface is rough-textured with conules, about 1-2 mm high and 1-4 mm apart. The oscules are provided with delicate membranous diaphragms, often consisting of 2 or more adjacent openings (S. ruetzleri-close up). The consistency is very soft, delicate, limp, extremely compressible and easily torn.

Bright orange to pinkish orange.

Found in a wide variety of habitats, from roots of mangroves to the reef flat in areas with reef rubble and on living reefs, around the edges of living corals.

Common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Orange lumpy encrusting sponge (Scopalina ruetzleri)