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Green rock-boring urchin
Echinometra viridis
(Agassiz, 1863)

The body of this species is elliptical in outline, not round. The spines are short, thick and sharply pointed. The color of the body is usually reddish to maroon. The smaller spines and the base of the major ones usually light brown with a reddish tinge. The rest of the major spines are green with a violet tip. The larger spines may have a light ring around the base. Size: Body up to 5 cm. Spines up to 3 cm.

Inhabits the reefs. Hides during the day, feeds during the night on algae.
Depth: ranges from 5 m down to 15 m.

Occasional all over the Caribbean.

Green rock-boring urchin (Echinometra viridis)