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Golden zoanthid
Parazoanthus swiftii
(Duchassaing & Michelotti)

This colonial zoanthid is symbiotic and grows in band-like rows, often winding around the branches of the host sponge. The oral disc is up to 0.6 cm in diameter and is fringed by up to 26 long and thinly tentacles.

Body brilliant gold to yellow; tentacles pale yellow.

Symbiotic on a wide variety of sponges, including the Brown tube sponge (Agelas conifera ), the Green finger sponge (Iotrochota birotulata ) and Topsentia ophiraphidites (P. swifti on T. ophiraphidites). The zoanthids are toxic to fish and may discourage sponge-eating fishes from sampling their hosts; the distinctive color of the zoanthid on the sponges may serve to advertise their presence.

Common Bahamas and Caribbean.

Golden zoanthid (Parazoanthus swiftii)