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Cubera snapper
Lutjanus cyanopterus
(Cuvier, 1828)

Body oblong-shaped, with a triangular head and a nearly straight tail. Back and sides pale to dark gray with a reddish tinge. Color may lighten or darker dramatically. Back occasionally with pale bars. The dorsal and tail fins are grayish, the anal and ventral fins reddish. The pectoral fins are translucent or grayish. Anal fin rounded.
Slightly upturned snout with a large mouth and prominent canine teeth near the front of the jaw. Mouth with thick lips.
Size up to 1.6 m.

Adults found mainly around ledges over rocky bottoms or around reefs, most common between 18 and 55 m. Feeds mainly on fish, shrimps and crabs. Young specimens sometimes inhabit mangrove areas.

Occasional South Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Cubera snapper (Lutjanus cyanopterus)