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Spotted scorpionfish
Scorpaena plumieri
Bloch, 1789

Body mottled in a wide range of brown colors, with a dusky band on the rear body. Often with large appendages or 'plumes' above the eyes and numerous fleshy flaps on chin and head. Tail with three dark bars. Displays characteristic bright white spots on a dark background near the base of the pectoral fins when disturbed.
Size up to 45 cm.

Most of the time scorpionfish lie motionless on the bottom, where they are well camouflaged (S. plumieri; S. plumieri 2). They possess poisonous spines in their fins. Feeds mainly on other fish and crustaceans. Moderately common below 5 m depth to at least 55 m.

Occasional to common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

The related Reef scorpionfish (Scorpaenodes caribbaeus) only reaches a length of 12 cm and has conspicuous dark spots on the pectoral, rear dorsal, anal and tail fins.

Spotted scorpionfish (Scorpaena plumieri)