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A large and diverse phylum of soft-bodied, usually unsegmented, coelomate animals, many of which live enclosed in a hard shell.

The following taxa of this phylum occur in the region:

Class Bivalvia (Bivalves)
Class Cephalopoda (Cephalopods)
Class Gastropoda (Gastropods)
Subclass Opistobranchia (Shell-less snails)
Subclass Prosobranchia (Snails)
Class Polyplacophora (Chitons)
Strombus gigas (Queen conch)
Strombus costatus (Milk conch)
Strombus raninus (Hawkwing conch)
Charonia variegata (Atlantic triton's trumpet)
Cymatium aquatile (Atlantic hairy triton)
Cassis flammea (Flame helmet)
Oliva reticularis (Netted olive)
Astraea tecta (West Indian star-shell)
Cerithium litteratum (Stocky cerith)
Niveria pediculus (Coffee bean trivia)
Luria cinerea (Atlantic gray cowrie)
Cyphoma gibbosum (Flamingo tongue)
Vermicularia knorrii (Wormsnail)
Aplysia dactylomela (Spotted sea hare)
Tridachia crispata (Lettuce sea slug)
Spondylus americanus (Atlantic thorny-oyster)
Lima scabra (Rough fileclam)
Lima lima (Spiny fileclam)
Pinctada radiata (Atlantic pearl-oyster)
Pteria colymbus (Atlantic wing-oyster)
Isognomon alatus (Flat tree-oyster)
Isognomon radiatus (Lister purse-oyster)
Pinna carnea (Amber penshell)
Tellina radiata (Sunrise tellin)
Acanthopleura granulata (Fuzzy chiton)
Sepioteuthis sepioidea (Caribbean reef squid)
Octopus briareus (Caribbean reef octopus)
Octopus vulgaris (Common octopus)

Mollusks (Phylum Mollusca)