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Scattered pore rope sponge
Aplysina fulva
Pallas, 1766

Long, branching and rope-like, up to 200 cm. Generally hanging downward with the tip of the branches curling upward. The branches rise from a solid, massively encrusting base. Excurrent openings irregularly scattered over the branches and are 2-4 mm in diameter. The oscules have thin, protruding lips, often of a lighter color. The surface is finely conulose. No marked grooves, folds or depressions. The consistency is toughly compressible.

The color is highly variable and not distinctive. It includes tan, yellow-green, brown and purple.

On the bottom of sandy lagoons and on reefs to a depth of 45 m.

From Florida to Venezuela.

Scattered pore rope sponge (Aplysina fulva)