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Sea plumes
Pseudopterogorgia spp.

Brushy clusters of tall, feather-like plumes. Pinnately branching, secondary branches or branchlets, lying more or less in single planes, extend from the main branches (Pseudopterogorgia habitus). Polyps in rows, series or bands, rather than randomly distributed on all sides of the branch. Calyces absent or indistinct.

Most commonly purple to gray branches, occasionally bright to pale yellow or yellowish-brown. Polyps generally cream to brownish or grayish.

Inhabit most reef environments, from shallow, seaward sandy areas, patch reefs to deep clear waters reefs along drop-offs.

Common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

One of the species of this genus is the Purple sea plume (Pseudopterogorgia acerosa ), which may reach a length of 1.8 m.

Sea plumes (Pseudopterogorgia spp.)