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Button cup corals
Caryophyllia spp.

Corallum ceratoid, straight and firmly attached through a robust pedicel about half the diameter of the corallite. About 1 cm in diameter and 12 mm in height. Theca covered with porcelaneous granules; costae usually inconspicuous; corallum white.
Septa arranged in 3 cycles: 10:10:20 (=40 septa). Septa of each cycle progressively narrower and less exsert. Columella fascicular.

Upper half of corallite in shades of brown; basal deposits creamy white.

Attached to hard substrate on the underside of ledge overhangs and cave ceilings. Occasionally in the recesses of small cavities.

Most species have an Antillean distribution.

Two species of this genus are recorded from the Leeward Island group: Caryophyllia maculata and Caryophyllia antillarum.

Button cup corals (Caryophyllia spp.)