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Tiger grouper
Mycteroperca tigris
(Valenciennes, 1833)

Body strong and stout, with a large mouth. Dark back crossed by 9 to 11 pale narrow lines that slope downward and forward. Can dramatically change color, pale or darken. Occasionally bright red, especially when visiting cleaning stations.
Juveniles yellow with a dusky midbody streak.
Size up to 1 m.

A solitary carnivore occurring in coral reefs and rocky areas, most common between 10 and 40 m.
Although awkward in appearance, groupers can cover short distances quickly. Feed mainly on fish, which is drawn into their gullets by a powerful suction created when they open their large mouths. Held securely by thousands of small, rasp-like teeth that cover the jaws, tongue and palate, the prey is swallowed whole. This species is protogynous hermaphroditic, all fish smaller than 37 cm are female and all fish larger than 45 cm are male.

Occasional South Florida, common Bahamas and Caribbean.

Tiger grouper (Mycteroperca tigris)