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Lane snapper
Lutjanus synagris
(Linnaeus, 1758)

Body oblong-shaped, with a triangular head and a slightly shallow notched tail. Body silvery, with 8 to 10 horizontal yellow or golden stripes on the sides. Pectoral, ventral and anal fins often yellow, dorsal and tail fins often reddish. Pectoral fins short, not reaching the level of the anus. A diffused black spot often above the lateral line, just below the rear dorsal fin. Slightly upturned snout with a large mouth and prominent canine teeth near the front of the jaw.
Size up to 60 cm.

Found over all types of bottom, but mainly around coral reefs and on vegetated sandy areas. In turbid as well as clear waters, most common down to 40 m, but reported as deep as 400 m. Often forms large aggregations, especially during the breeding season. Feeds at night on small fish, bottom-living crabs, shrimps, worms gastropods and cephalopods.

Common to abundant Florida, occasionally Bahamas and Caribbean.

Lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris)