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Yellow fin mojarra
Gerres cinereus
(Walbaum, 1792)

Silvery fish, with about seven faint pinkish bars on each side of the body (G. cinereus). Ventral fins yellow, pectoral fins may be yellowish.
Size up to 41 cm.

Inhabits shallow coastal waters in open sandy and surf areas, seagrass beds, near reefs and mangrove channels, down to 15 m. Enter brackish water, sometimes even fresh water. May occur in small aggregations. Feeds on benthic invertebrates such as worms, clams and crustaceans, even feeds on insects. Often seen feeding in sand patches among reefs by thrusting its mouth into the sediment and expelling sand from the gill openings.

Occasional to common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Yellow fin mojarra (Gerres cinereus)