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In most modern classifications comprising multicellular eukaryotic organisms with wall-less, non-photosynthetic cells.

The following taxa of the phylum Brachiopoda that belong to this kingdom occur in this region:

Phylum Brachiopoda
Class Articulata
Order Rhynchonellida
Superfamily Rhynchonellacea
Family Hemithirididae
Genus Hemithiris
Order Terebratulida
Suborder Terebratellidina
Superfamily Terebratellacea
Family Dallinidae
Subfamily Dallininae
Genus Dallina
Genus Glaciarcula
Genus Macandrevia
Family Megathirididae
Genus Argyrotheca
Genus Gwynia
Family Platidiidae
Genus Platidia
Suborder Terebratulidina
Superfamily Terebratulacea
Family Cancellothyrididae
Subfamily Cancellothyridinae
Genus Terebratulina
Class Inarticulata
Order Acrotretida
Suborder Craniidina
Superfamily Craniacea
Family Craniidae
Genus Crania
Argyrotheca cistellula
Crania anomala
Dallina septigera
Glaciarcula spitzbergensis
Gwynia capsula
Hemithiris psittacea
Macandrevia cranium
Platidia anomioides
Terebratulina retusa

Kingdom Animalia