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General biological features of the South Atlantic

General biological features of the South Atlantic

By Demetrio Boltovskoy, Mark Gibbons, Lawrence Hutchings and Denis Binet

This section offers an overview of some salient biological traits of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Gb. 1 Introduction
Gb. 2 Biogeography (1)
Gb. 3 Biogeography (2)
Gb. 4 Biogeography (3)
Gb. 5 Biological characteristics
Gb. 6 General remarks on seasonality, biomass and diversity in the pelagic domain of the South Atlantic
Gb. 7 The distribution of biomass
Gb. 8 Patterns of distribution of zooplanktonic species
Gb. 9 The western South Atlantic
Gb.10 The western South Atlantic: Northern Brazil
Gb.11 The western South Atlantic: Central Brazil
Gb.12 The western South Atlantic: Southern Brazil
Gb.13 The western South Atlantic: Rio de la Plata estuary
Gb.14 The western South Atlantic: Argentinian coastal and offshore waters
Gb.15 The tropical and subtropical eastern South Atlantic
Gb.16 The tropical and subtropical eastern South Atlantic: Eastern tropical South Atlantic
Gb.17 Coastal area between 0 and 20°S (chiefly Guinea Current)
Gb.18 Coastal area between Cape Lopez and Cape Frio
Gb.19 Cape Lopez thermohaline front
Gb.20 Zooplankton communities 1
Gb.21 The influence of the Congo river
Gb.22 The Cape Frio thermohaline front
Gb.23 Coastal area between 20 and 34°S (Benguela Current)
Gb.24 Phytoplankton
Gb.25 Zooplankton Processes
Gb.26 Zooplankton communities 2
Gb.27 East Africa coastal
Gb.28 Phytoplankton
Gb.29 Zooplankton processes and communities