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Tiny shells of pelagic molluscs can be found and collected along the beach. However, they are not easily seen due to their small size and are usually overlooked unless mass standings have occurred. Mostly fragments are all that is found since the shells are very fragile. A plankton net with fine mesh is the best method to collect these animals. The net sample should be sorted before fixation and preservation.

The shelled species can best be kept in 70% alcohol, while the naked species keep best when preserved in formalin. Specimens should be careful handled with small forceps as the shells and bodies are extremely fragile.
The janthinids and nudibranchs are surface dwellers and they can be best collected with a net towed through the surface layer of the water.

It is not advised to put the sample labels (with place, time, depth of collecting) in the same jar as the specimens since the label may damage the specimens. It is best to put the specimens in a jar and this jar plus the label in a larger jar.