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Identificatie van soorten
De eigenschappen van een soort (of een ander taxon) bekijken
Twee verschillende soorten (of andere taxa) met elkaar vergelijken
Informatie over het identificeren van soorten
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Closing mechanism: primary system present
Closing mechanism: secondary system absent
Colour: shell transparent
Colour: shell aperture dark-brown
Distribution: Pacific Ocean
Distribution: Indian Ocean
Distribution: -30¡N-0¡N
Distribution: Indo-Malayan waters
Distribution: 0¡S-30¡S
Distribution: depth epipelagic
Embryonic shell: droplet shaped
Lock angle: 64¡
Lock angle: 61¡
Operculum: absent
Radula: with formula 1-1-1
Radula: with 09 rows
Shell: straight seemingly two valves
Shell: calcareous
Shell: straight
Shell: greatest width below middle
Shell: bend caudally
Shell anteriorly: caudal septum closing shell
Shell anteriorly: protoc. I usually lost
Shell aperture: slit-like
Shell aperture: without thickened borders
Shell character: anteriorly curved dorsally
Shell character: globular
Shell dorsal side: ribs present
Shell dorsal side: 5 longitudinal ribs
Shell dorsal side: vaulted strongly
Shell lateral side: aperture occupies a large part
Shell length (height): 05.6 mm
Shell length (height): 06.0 mm
Shell length (height): 05.8 mm
Shell sculpture: transverse clearly striated
Shell top angle: 140¡
Shell top angle: 150¡
Shell ventral side: ribs absent
Shell ventral side: vaulted strongly
Shell width (diameter): 04.5 mm
Side angle: >100¡
Spines of shell: caudal spine bent dorsally
Spines of shell: caudal spine short
Spines of shell: length laterals=length caudal
Spines of shell: 4 callus lines present
Spines of shell: lateral spines small
Spines of shell: lateral spines not bent
Whorls of shell: absent