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Marine Planktonic Ostracods

This Synopsis mentions the few neritic species recorded from British coastal waters, all of which belong to the suborder Myodocopina, but mostly deals with the oceanic species inhabiting the waters with bathymetric depths greater than 200m around Britain (# Sea Areas of ETI¥MPO) and includes those species occurring in the Norwegian Sea. These mostly belong to the suborder Halocypridina, but include two species of the myodocopid family Cypridinidae. Nearly all the drawings of the oceanic species are of material collected by R. R. S. Discovery, and include a few species which are still to be named formally.

Freshwater, Marine and Brackish Water Ostracods
Synopses no 42 and 43 (to be published separately as "Freshwater Ostracods" and "Marine and Brackish Water Ostracods") deal with ostracods found in other habitats. The former is devoted to freshwater species, whilst the latter describes the marine and brackish-water forms.

Overlapping Habitats
As habitats overlap, readers are advised to have all these Synopses available when identifying the ostracods in their samples, unless the latter come from a definite and restricted habitat, e.g. near the source of a hill stream, when No 42 is the obvious number to consult.